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Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social media avenues had become an integral part of internet users and more than 75% of internet users utilize social media for reaching to known and unknown circles; sharing information among groups with common interest; learning and updating on products or services and more. This makes social media networks as a powerful tool, through which you can push information about your products and services to the target audience.

As any other online marketing tool, you need to optimize your presence through social media avenues for generating better results. The presence of an optimized social media can contributes to the online reputation of the organization/product/ service and supports in Online Reputation Management (ORM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Our Social Media Optimization includes creating the presence on popular social media venues and reach out to more followers from the right target audience. Social media avenues can be categorized into two, Publishing Avenues and Networking Avenues.

econz SMO starts with creating official pages for the organization / product / event in the popular publishing and networking avenues. Followed by strategies to increase the followers, this includes regular updations, publishing avenues and sharing the information in the networking platforms for reaching out to common groups, opinion polls, social media ads etc.

Social Media Ads

Social media networks provide opportunity to place ads across to their members based on the geography and demography. This helps in utilizing the online marketing budget in a smarter way. We can fine tune online marketing campaign based on the desired target audience.

econz offers support in creating advertisements through social media avenues; social media ads include PPC (Pay Per Click)/ CPM (Cost Per Mile) Text, Display ads depending upon the social media avenue. We do support in choosing the right social media network and the right ad pattern (CPM / PPC) depends upon your products/service; agenda of the campaign; target audience etc

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