Single Sign-On System

Tired of having to deal with multiple login credentials for all the applications you use in a work day?

Put that worry aside and take on our Single Sign-On System.

  • One log in multiple apps
  • All your work applications are logged in, in one click
  • Ease of use
  • Easy management of applications

Identity Management / Single Sign-On

Provide each of your users with a single login to access any or all of the local and cloud applications used by your organization, and also remove users from applications with a single click.

Customized SAML enables you to integrate a highly secure single sign-on (SSO) with any cloud or local application, developed on any platform, including support for your intranet.

IP - And Device based restriction

Prevent access to your organization’s applications and data from outside the corporate network.

Customized SAML API enables you to restrict access to your applications only from predefined locations, policies or IP addresses.

What applications are supported

Apart from the regular G Suite Applications, our Single-Sign On system allows you to integrate with third party applications. Our integrations ensure that you find all your work-related applications on one single dashboard. From here, you simply login and Voila! You have access to all the necessary applications.

With just one click, you are logged in to all the applications. These applications include, Drift, Swrve, QMarket and many other tools of need.